Enterprise web/mobile applications
Enterprise web&mobile applications

Optimize Factory Maintenance

With enterprise mobility solutions for operations, Client can access to various information related to workshop safety, information & undergoing operations on the go so that client business can stay incident free & helps to achieve operational efficiency.

  • Access to Factory Information System on the go with a mobile app
  • Access to Quality Management Systems on the go with a mobile app
  • Get an access to workshop equipment safety & security with enterprise mobile apps for manufacturing
  • Production planning & scheduling on the go

Monitor Equipment Health in Real-time

With VJCS enterprise mobility solutions for manufacturing, track productionequipment efficiency & monitor their health on mobile devices; to conduct preemptive maintenance checks at regular intervals.

  • Access equipment related critical data of factory & take action on it on the go from the mobile app
  • Prevent material wastage and reduce input overheads of manufacturing costs by accessing its data from a mobile app
  • Eliminate redundant activities and improve internal collaboration between SBUs with an enterprise mobile app
  • Maintain the quality of your products by conducting scheduled equipment maintenance

Reduce Time-to-Market for New Products

Supply Chain enterprise mobility solutions to overcome the issues of production planning, material tracking & dispatch

  • Get a high-level view of material available to plan the uninterrupted production line
  • High employee visibility on shop floor; enabling smarter resource management
  • Smooth flow of data & information to all the stakeholders such as customers, vendors & suppliers
  • Operational efficiency through fleet management